M88 Master Agent

In order to master and know all menus and also features inside M88, you need navigation and luckily, this master agent can show it all.

Complete Navigation on M88
Though online betting is more practical and easier, it doesn’t mean that beginners can play it directly without knowing the site. They have to master the place first before mastering the games and M88 can help all beginners even those who never touch online gambling with complete navigation.
All the navigation will be served with explanation so you know what the function of this menu is. It will help you in getting used to this site so you don’t need any help anymore. Besides navigation, CS is ready to help and assist you to know what you don’t know about one of the best master agents.

M88 Has Perfect Navigation
What you need to know for the first time is about credit menu. It means all your money on this site. Here, you may see key symbol with 0 as the main number. If the key is open, then you can play. If the key changes or it doesn’t open, then you need to ask directly to CS.

If you do deposit, then the credit changes and it will show your money. You can use it to play and you may see the reduction numbers after using your money to play on M88. If you see it increases, then it means agent add your credit and it can be bonus you deserve to get from the master agent.
If you choose sportsbook especially football as your main game, then you have to know My Bets feature. My bets are the menu that will show all your bets after being place by you when you play sportsbook. It will show whether your bet is successful or pending in this Prediksi Bola M88 Terkini page.